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Our Process

The Stone Floor Restoration Process at Reflection & Shine

The restoration technicians at Reflection & Shine use a proven process to restore your floors to a beautiful shine. This three-stage method allows us to deliver consistent results for your flooring and can ensure the most attractive floors for your South Florida home. Here are the basic elements of our three-step restoration process for stone floors in our service area.

First Step: Buffing

The Reflection & Shine team will begin by using a heavy buffer to remove the top layer of grime and dirt from your stone or tile floor. By buffing out any imperfections in the stone, we can achieve a perfectly smooth surface. We will then use a less aggressive buffer to ensure that your stone floor is smooth and ready for the next stage of the process.

Second Step: Polishing

Our technicians will then use a polishing buffer to enhance the shine of your stone flooring. This process may involve the use of grit compounds designed specifically for this stage of the restoration process.

Third Step: Sealing

Reflection & Shine will apply a high-quality sealant to your stone floor. This final step ensures that your floor stays shiny and beautiful for a much longer period of time. In some cases, sealant applications can even extend the life of your flooring to help you manage costs more effectively.

The Right Solution for Your Stone and Tile Flooring

At Reflection & Shine, our innovative three-stage process allows us to produce consistently superior results that you will be proud to show off to friends and family. Restoring your stone floors can enhance your d├ęcor and ensure that your South Florida home makes the most positive impression on your guests now and in the future.

Our team can provide you with the most practical and affordable services for your marble, limestone and travertine floors. To learn more about our process and how it can restore your stone and tile floors to their former glory, give Reflection & Shine a call today at 954-812-4071 or contact us here. We will be happy to help you with the most advanced floor restoration services in the South Florida area.

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