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Plantation Marble Polishing

Plantation Marble Polishing

The Value of Regular Plantation Marble Polishing Visits

Named after the Everglades Plantation Company, Plantation is a part of the major Miami metropolitan area. Plantation was originally part of the Everglades and was drained by order of the governor of Florida, William Sherman Jennings, who established an initiative to dredge the New River and to create dry land out of the wetlands that previously existed there. Today, Plantation is the home of more than 85,000 people and is a comfortable place to live for those working in the bright lights of Miami. For families and businesses in our area, finding the best solutions for Plantation marble polishing can restore the beauty of flooring and ensure the most attractive surroundings. Reflection & Shine is committed to providing the right options for our customers in the Plantation area.

How Marble Is Different

Because marble is a metamorphic form of limestone, it requires special care to bring out its unique beauty and shine. Marble is hard and stands up to foot traffic well. It can, however, become discolored or dirty over time and requires regular cleaning and sealing to prevent these issues. The Plantation marble polishing team at Reflection & Shine will buff away any dirt or grime that could reduce the beauty of your marble. We will then polish it to a gleaming shine and seal it to protect it until your next cleaning visit.

Our Other Floor Cleaning Services

At Reflection and Shine, we offer cleaning for terrazzo, porcelain tile, ceramic tile, limestone, travertine and other hard floor surfaces. Our expertise allows you to feel more confident when scheduling your appointment for floor cleaning with our team. This can help you to enjoy the greatest peace of mind and the assurance that your floors will be cleaned properly and that your home and business will look its very best.

Plantation Marble Polishing Experts

If you need the most practical and effective Plantation marble polishing services, call Reflection & Shine today at 954-812-4071. Our South Florida floor cleaning team will provide you with an estimate for your cleaning project or will schedule an appointment for you.

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