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Miami Marble Polishing

The Right Miami Marble Polishing Services

Miami has the distinction of being the only major metropolitan area in the United States that was founded by a woman. Julia Tuttle was responsible for the incorporation of the city of Miami in July 1896. At this time, the city only had about 300 residents and was named for the river that served the area. The warm climate and sunny weather of the area attracted many visitors from the north who ultimately chose to stay and to help to build the diverse and welcoming community that currently comprises the population of Miami. At Reflection & Shine, we are committed to providing the best possible options for Miami marble polishing and floor cleaning. We work with customers throughout our area to provide the best and most practical solutions for your Miami home or business.

Outstanding Solutions for Miami Homes

Reflection & Shine uses an advanced proprietary process that allows us to deliver the best results for your Miami marble polishing project. We work with you to determine your most important priorities and to meet and exceed your expectations for quality work and prompt service. We buff, polish and seal your marble floors to lock in the results of your cleaning project. This will help you to feel much more confident in the appearance of your home and the beauty of your marble floors.

Miami Marble Polishing

The floor polishing experts at Reflection & Shine also provide cleaning and polishing services for Miami businesses. We will discuss your needs with you upfront to make sure you understand our process and the cost of your cleaning and maintenance project. This will allow your company to plan more effectively for your Miami marble polishing visit from our technicians.

At Reflection & Shine, we offer the most comprehensive South Florida floor cleaning services for our customers. We also offer polishing for travertine, Mexican tile, porcelain and ceramic tile and travertine, which will allow you to enjoy the widest range of services for your Miami home. Call us today at 305-900-7074 to request a quote or to ask for more information. The team at Reflection & Shine is ready to serve you.

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